Training Templates

LEMUR 2.0 Compiled - A great 5 day template I’ve used for recomping. Excellent reviews.

Female Resistance Workout - A program designed specifically for the ladies. Focuses on exercises that burn calories and define the female form (more incline work, less direct core work, focus on glute development.)

LEMUR 1.5 - My most recommended 3 day program. Light on details, but can read LEMUR 1.0 to fill in the blanks

LEMUR 1.0 - Lots of background and theory, and a program worth revisiting. First time I really took a run at preactivation techniques or occlusion.

OGRE – Optimal Gains from Resistance Exercise. A Bulgarian inspired program with some similarities to Power, Rep Range, Shock.

Westside Template - I used this earlier in my training to break some plateaus. Simple conjugate periodization template for those interested in the Westside Barbell method.

Maple Training Template - A variation on the westside program with a focus on hypertrophy. Layne Norton’s PHAT is probably a more well put together choice for such a program, but they have similarities.

Guide to DC Training - My bulking recommendation for those with fast metabolisms. Doggcrapp training was invented by Dante Trudell

Ogrestrength Synergistic Supplement Stacks - Open sourcing some of my tested combinations and ideas. The epicatechin concept has been picked up by multiple companies since this was posted.

Exercises in Extremity - A Bulgarian Style Template from Chaos and Pain. I’ve finally gotten around to doing a high frequency program, and O.G.R.E. is based on this.

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